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============== Version 3.0 (03/02/11) ==============

- Cue Splitter added

- Auto scroll during playback

- Automatic silence removal feature

- Automatic split-by-silence feature

- Insert silent fragments of any length

- Normalize the volume level of all open files simultaneously

- Sound detector skips silent fragments while the recording is in progress

- Additional normalization settings. Now you can both normalize the volume level and increase or reduce the volume of individual files or their fragments

- Improved performance

- Application usability enhanced

- Some hotkeys added

- Many bugs fixed

============== Version 2.0 (04/25/10) ==============

- MP3 recorder with pre-record function

- Editing operations: Copy, Paste, Delete, Crop, Undo, Redo

- Equalization of the track volume

- Smooth fade-in and fade-out effects

- Supports hotkeys

- New convenient interface

- Fixed some bugs

============== Version 1.1 (08/24/09) ==============

- Improved performance

- Extended zoom range

- Added support for MPEG2 layer3 and MPEG2.5 layer 3 files

- Added the ability to automatically open results

- Added the ability to close all open files

- Added the ability to remove all cut lines

- Added the Drag and Drop files into the application

- Fixed some bugs

============== Version 1.0 (06/01/09) ==============

First version

MP3 Cutter Joiner Box

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