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MP3 Cutter Joiner

How to Join MP3?

1. Open the files you want to merge.

Please note that you can only merge files of the same format, i.e. MP3 and MP3 or WAV and WAV. If you attempt to merge files of different formats, the program will show a corresponding notification. To open a file, press the “Open” button on the toolbar.

Select the files you want to split in the dialog window and press “Open”. The opened files will be shown in a list below the timeline. Once the files are opened, you will see their graphic representations and complete information on each of them. You can close any file by clicking a cross sign next to its name.

2. Define the merging order.

Files are merged in the order of their appearance on the list. To change this order, just drag files to the necessary positions.

3. Merge files.

Press the “Join” button and specify the destination file path in the dialog. The program will then assemble the resulting file and save it to the specified location. The source files will remain unchanged.

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