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Mp3 Recorder

X-Wave MP3 Cutter Joiner has a built-in MP3 Recorder with a pre-record feature. It lets you record any sounds either from an external device, such as a mike, or any sound coming from the speakers of your PC. The sounds are recorded directly into the MP3 file.

The pre-record feature lets you capture the entire recording when you miss the start of a song.

System tray icon and hotkey support enables you to start the recording right when you need it.

Mp3 Recorder

The sound detector turns the recording on when it detects sounds and turns it off during periods of silence. By minimizing the application to system tray, you can use a different application with the certainty that sounds will be recorded as soon as they appear.

You can edit the just-recorded track using the customary Copy, Paste and Delete functions. You can also separate tracks with a pause and add a smooth transition using the Fade In and Fade Out features. Learn more about MP3 editing by clicking the link: Mp3 Editor.

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